UpWork’s Law Firm SEO Audit

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UpWork’s law firm SEO audit, the largest freelance work platform in the world, has a reputation for being a safe place to find and hire workers. But the coronavirus pandemic and an increase in scams have brought to light how easy it can be for a gig worker to lose money and how little UpWork does to prevent these kinds of incidents.

How much do law firms spend on SEO?

This Law Firm SEO audit covers a full site analysis to identify any technical on-page issues that could be impacting your search engine rankings. Detailed reports will be provided, with recommendations to fix each issue.

Getting ranked high in search engines is crucial to growing your law firm. Using legal keywords and building high quality relevant backlinks are the best way to improve your attorney search engine optimization (SEO) performance. We will build targeted high quality backlinks that are related to your law firm and attorneys. This will help you rank higher in search engines, drive more traffic to your website, and attract more clients.

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