The Older Land Rover Defender Goes Rough and Tough

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older land rover defender

Despite its age, the older land rover defender remains a popular vehicle with those who enjoy the outdoors. Its rugged styling makes it an ideal vehicle for off-road adventures, and its strong engines make it suitable for work trucks and drivers who need plenty of muscle to tackle tough terrain.

The first Defender was launched in 1988 and it incorporated some significant changes, such as coil springs front and rear for improved ride quality and axle articulation, and a lockable centre differential to give permanent four-wheel drive. These improvements were later applied to the Series II and III models, which had a completely new interior design in response to European safety standards.

Ageless Adventure: The Enduring Appeal of Older Land Rover Defenders

An exclusive run of 25 old Defenders is being prepared by Land Rover for a special off-road competition at Eastnor Castle in the U.K. The one-offs will be powered by 400-hp V8 engines and feature beefed-up suspensions, plus a multi-point expedition cage and off-road goodies like LED lights and mud terrain tires.

This is one of the last Defenders that were produced before the company discontinued production in 2016. It features Saddle Leather with Barbour Tartan inserts and door pockets, as well as a MOMO Indy steering wheel.

This one-of-a-kind build from UK-based Arkonik is a perfect example of how to make an old Defender look new again without adding too much unnecessary power or style. The Defender’s 430-hp Chevy small-block LS V8 engine is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission, and it features an upgraded suspension system that includes King Off-Road Racing shocks and steering dampers. It’s a great choice for beach goers who don’t want to be bothered by invasive front tow hooks or hulking roof mounted light bars.

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