Self-Levelling Latex For Flooring

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When you’re laying your latex for flooring, the surface must be flat and level. This is to ensure that the product is bonded properly and does not slip or move around over time which can cause issues and void any warranties. One of the most popular solutions for achieving this is to lay self-levelling liquid latex. This process can be done quickly and easily to create a smooth surface for your flooring project.

There are many different types of floor screeds on the market, ranging from traditional cement-based to anhydrite (or gypsum) based. But it’s the self-levelling variety that has become a hit, especially in commercial and industrial settings. Self-leveling latex screeds are a mix of powder and liquid screed that can be poured and trowelled to leave a flawless finish on any floor.

Exploring the Applications of Latex for Flooring Projects

This type of compound is great for areas that experience high levels of humidity and movement in the substrate as it has an added flexibility. It also offers a robust and durable solution for those who need a surface that is resistant to wear, shrinkage and abrasion.

A latex floor screed can be laid with or without a primer depending on the manufacturer of your product, but it’s always recommended to apply a good quality primer before you pour the compound. This will help to ensure that the substrate is fully covered and protected, and it will also ensure that the compound adheres well with your chosen floor covering.

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