Seattle’s Best Hempfest and Seattle’s Best Hempfest

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The Seattle HEMPFEST was a unique experience. Not only did it feature a stellar lineup of local and national musicians, but it also featured a special tribute to five staff members who had passed away in the last year. This was also the first year that the festival was held without a formal security force or vending fees. The event’s stage was renamed the Kevin Black Memorial Stage to honor the fallen leader of the HEMPFEST Safety Patrol, Kevin Black.

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This year’s event was the 25th anniversary of the Seattle HEMPFEST. The festival featured musicians from different backgrounds, including a former life-time prisoner, Jeff Mizanskey. The festival’s music lineup included the Ganja Farmers, Phat Sidy Smokehouse, Sage, and a special performance by former life-inmates Jeff Mizanskey, who was released from prison in 2015 and is now an activist for marijuana legalization. The festival’s Main Stage featured performances by groups such as Ganja Farmers, Sage, and Phat Sidy Smokehouse, as well as the Asian band Michael Manahan. URL :

Another festival worth attending is the Seattle Hempfest, the largest cannabis rally in the world. It focuses on legalizing cannabis and reducing the stigma associated with using marijuana. The festival also includes exhibits, panel discussions, and the Hempfest Central store, which sells hemp apparel and hemp-based cosmetics. Thousands of attendees attend this festival every year.

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