Resurfacing Drive Thru Markings For McDonalds

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Drive Thru Markings

The ‘Golden Arches’ of Drive Thru Markings¬† are an integral part of the British landscape, and with many locations that can get extremely busy at mealtimes, clear car park markings are necessary to ensure drivers are not confused. Whether it’s hatched lines showing compact cars can park here, or diagonal lines to indicate a no parking zone, these markings are vital for keeping traffic flowing efficiently and safely through McDonalds car parks.

Safety First: Ensuring Orderly Traffic with Drive-Thru Markings

However, over time these markings can fade and cause confusion for drivers using the drive-thru lane. This can lead to minor collisions and bottlenecks. In some cases, the signs of fading are not immediately obvious and may appear invisible after a rain shower or when covered in snow or frost.

Luckily, G-FORCE Tampa can help with these issues by providing resurfacing and restriping services for your drive-thru. We use thermoplastic, which is a durable material that can withstand high volumes of traffic and harsh weather conditions. Before applying the line striping, it is important that the surface has been cleaned thoroughly to remove any loose materials and make sure it is smooth and even. Once this is done, the line striping can be heated to a very hot temperature to melt the thermoplastic onto the surface of the drive-thru lane.

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