Power Lifting Shoes

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The best power lifting shoes are stiff, stable, and designed to help you move a lot of weight. They’ll keep your feet planted solidly on the ground so you can transfer all of your force through them into the floor for maximum power on any lift, whether that’s a squat, deadlift, or clean and jerk. They’ll also allow you to catch a heavy load without bouncing and jarring your knees or hips, which can be dangerous under such high loads.

Generally speaking, most weightlifting shoes are made of sturdy materials like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), stacked leather, or EVA foam. They’re designed to have a moderate heel lift and wide toe box that will assist with foot splay. They’re stable enough to support Olympic-style lifts, though they may lose stability at very high loads or under eccentric movements (e.g., box jumps).

Unleash Your Strength: The Benefits of Powerlifting Shoes for Heavy Lifts

One of the most popular options is the Nike Romaleos, which are used by many Olympic lifters in training and competition. They’re available in men’s and women’s styles. They’re versatile, too, and you can even find them in “drill down” versions for more maneuverable movement patterns.

Another option is the adidas Powerlifting 2.0, which is a great choice for most lifters, especially those new to the sport. The shoes are extremely affordable and provide all of the basic features you’ll need for a safe, effective lift. They have a moderate heel lift, breathable uppers, and an ergonomic platform that won’t flex under the load of your foot.

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