Popular Trends in Home Decorative Accessories

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Decorative accessories are one of the most important components of home decoration. They not only enliven the space but also boost the appeal of the interiors. However, it is important to be careful while choosing these items because if they are not selected well, they can make the interiors look shabby and dull.

How to make a beautiful home decoration?

Large print canvas items and accents can be expensive, so it is important to know what you want before purchasing them. You should also consider your lifestyle and how often you will be using them in the house.

Some of the most popular home decor accessories include:

Baskets and Bins
Decorative baskets, bins and boxes are a great way to add flair and function to any room. Choose a wicker, grapevine or bird’s nest basket for a rustic look or opt for wire or galvanized bins for an industrial style.

Texture is a big trend for modern home decor, so you’ll find plenty of pieces with rich textures that complement your design scheme. From hammered metals to distressed wood branches and textiles, texture is an excellent way to bring depth and dimension to your decor.


Adding a book collection to your home is another popular trend in decorating and can help set the tone of a room. Many designers use books to prop up decor items or act as a coaster for plants.

Still Lifes

A simple but effective way to add visual interest to your home is with a still life. Put together a grouping of items such as a plant or two, a small bowl of fruit, a vase and a beautiful book. Place them all in a few different places around your room. The key is to choose items that are of varied heights and sizes, and to play with color, textures and materials for a cohesive look.

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