Pestalozzi’s Education in Today’s Society

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Education is a broad term that includes both the educational activities of teaching and the educational learning process. It generally refers to both the teaching of younger individuals or kids and their learning in school. People are generally taught important lessons and life lessons at these schools. Sometimes these lessons are relevant to one’s life and sometimes are not, but they teach people about the importance of education to a person.

The importance of education to a person goes far beyond the classroom as it teaches him the value of a particular set of values and beliefs in life and in society in general. An individual who has a higher level of education and a higher level of social interaction tends to develop certain psychological characteristics like assertiveness, self-confidence, critical thinking ability, and more. Education has been a part of social psychology since a long time now. In the early 19th century, Ambe de Los Machos was an advocate of the importance of higher education for a person.

A German writer, who lived during the 19th century, Kurtz Vonnegut was critical of the ways in which education is being taught nowadays. He wrote that the educational system today is not able to serve its purpose because it is not based on any real-life lesson. ” educator” as he called him was not able to give any real-life lesson to the students in his educational establishment. According to him, the primary objective of teaching should be to teach to learn. This lesson is not being served today and this is why the standard of education in the country has been constantly degrading.

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