Parkinson’s Rehab in Sydney

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Parkinson’s rehab in Sydney disorder that develops when nerve cells in the brain die, causing a lack of dopamine. It can cause uncontrollable shaking, stiff muscles and slow movements, a shuffling walk and difficulty with balance and movement.

The condition can only be managed, not cured, with medication and rehabilitation. The tremors are caused by reduced dopamine and can be controlled with medicines, which include tablets or injections, that help increase the amount of dopamine in your brain. There are also some surgical options, including deep brain stimulation surgery for some people, which can reduce tremors and improve movement, as well as reducing a shaky or ‘frozen’ facial expression and drooping of the eyebrows and neck.

“Embracing Recreation: Sport Therapy in Sydney

Rebound Health has specific Parkinson’s physiotherapy programs designed to enhance muscle strength, mobility and independence. Exercise can boost confidence and mood, easing anxiety and depression in the face of a debilitating illness.

Our Physiotherapy team are leaders in their field and work closely with Parkinson’s Australia and the Garvan Institute to ensure we bring you the very best treatment. We have access to cutting edge research, including genomics, biomarker and induced pluripotent stem cell testing, to identify new ways to slow or stop Parkinson?s progression.

The Royal Rehab Private Petersham is proud to be licensed to deliver the internationally renowned PD Warrior program as part of our multidisciplinary rehab services. This group-based program has been proven to improve both physical and cognitive symptoms in a fun, social environment.

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