Menswear Staples For Muscular Builds

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Athletic Fit Menswear

Whether you’re going to the gym or just grabbing lunch, these Menswear staples will elevate your everyday style. From black jeans for the office to a dress shirt that’ll fit your killer quads, it’s essential to stock up on these pieces of clothing so you can feel ready for whatever life throws at you.

The Menswear Fit That’s Perfect for Your Muscular Build

If you have a Tailored Athlete build or are a powerlifter, regular or slim fits often look too tight on your arms and chest. While a super slim fit might look great on a model, it will pool around your waist and leave you with an unattractive boxy appearance. An athletic fit dress shirt offers the happy medium, widening the shoulders and bicep area to provide you with a more tapered appearance. The sleeves are a little longer too, so you can wear your suit jacket without worrying about it getting scrunched up at the top.

From Gym to Street: The Versatility of Athletic Fit Menswear

For your legs, try out a pair of athletic fit jeans. These have a relaxed fit in the upper leg but taper from the knee to the ankle. They work great for guys with larger thighs, providing room to show off your muscles without looking baggy or overly full. This type of jean is ideal for anyone who likes to lift weights or works out regularly, and it looks good with casual dress shirts and sneakers.

If you have a muscular build, be sure to check out the range of dress shirts from Mizzen + Main. These shirts have an athletic fit and are available in both trim and classic fits. They are a little longer than slim fit shirts, so they will sit nicely with your suit jacket when you are attending a business meeting.

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