Interior Shutters Colchester

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Interior Shutters Colchester

Interior shutters are a very stylish window covering that are increasing in popularity for their ability to add both value to the property and provide a natural extra layer of insulation. They also offer a classic look that can stand alone or act as a backdrop for many different decorative schemes. They look equally as attractive from the outside as they do on the inside and can set your home apart from those that simply have net curtains or badly fitted wonky blinds.Read more:

Style and Functionality: Interior Shutters in Colchester Homes

The Pinnacle Shutters are designed to overlap each other and when closed they create an effective seal that helps to block out light and insulate the property. They are usually positioned on the window frame with a central tilt rod which gives you the control to open or close them as and when you wish. You can even have mid-rails added to separate the slats and give you the option of keeping upper slats closed for privacy and lower slats open to let in the light.

Sunlight can fade flooring, furniture, and pictures over time so having a shutter can help to protect your furnishings from this damage. They also offer a barrier against unwanted attention from passers-by. They are particularly good for street-level windows where people are likely to walk past your home regularly. If you have any specific requirements for your shutters we can tailor them to your exact needs. Our shutters are manufactured to very tight tolerances to ensure a perfect fit.

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