How to Use Page Moderation Facebook to Protect Your Brand Reputation

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If you run a business on Facebook, the last thing you want is for your fans to write negative reviews or offensive posts. Moderation tools allow you to keep the conversation positive, protect your brand reputation, and ensure that your followers have a great experience.

What is a good moderation?

Page moderation facebook includes a profanity filter and the ability to block specific users. These are helpful but only cover a small portion of what needs to be moderated. For example, the profanity filter doesn’t work on ads.

Despite the best efforts of Facebook’s live moderators, it is impossible to reliably moderate content. Not only does it take a lot of human effort, but there are cultural and language considerations that algorithms and AI can’t address. This is why it’s essential to use a third-party solution like Viafoura to manage your Facebook comment moderation.

It’s also important to consider that while filters and blocklists are effective, they can only be effective if you catch the content early. Trolls and spammers have a tendency to find workarounds for even the most well-made systems, and they often target visual content like shared images or videos. This is why it’s important to review and update your page moderation settings frequently.

Ideally, you’ll have one person designated as a page admin who is responsible for monitoring the comments and reviews on your Facebook business profile. Whether they are an Admin, Editor, or Advertiser on your account, this person should be able to access all features of the page, including moderation.

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