How to Keep Your Sofa Looking and Smelling Fresh

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Sofas are one of the most used pieces of furniture in any home, making them the perfect spot for crumbs, dirt, pet hair and other debris to settle. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep your fabric or leather sofa looking and smelling fresh.

What is best for cleaning fabric sofa?

Start by checking the fabric care tag on your sofa to determine what cleaning method and products are safe to use. The tag will indicate the fabric type and code, such as “W” for water-safe fabrics or “W/S” for fabrics that can be cleaned with either water or solvents.

Vacuuming or wiping down your sofa will get rid of light dirt, crumbs and stray pet hairs, but to remove set-in stains and odors you’ll need a deeper clean. Try sprinkling your couch with baking soda or spraying it with a odor neutralizer, like GH Seal Star Febreze FABRIC, to remove even the most stubborn smells. Link :

In between deep cleans, freshen up your sofa by using a lint roller to quickly nab crumbs and pet hair. If your sofa has cushions, fluff them up and smooth them back into place. This will also help to restore the cushion shape, which can be flattened from sitting in the same spot for too long.

Keeping your sofa clean can also help minimize allergies, as it will remove dust mites, fungus, and mould from embedded in the fabric or leather of your sofa. For a comprehensive deep cleaning, look for a professional cleaner who specializes in upholstery cleaning.

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