How to Find Temporary Workers in France

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EuWorkers the economy recovers and French companies seek to meet their short-term staffing needs, temporary workers are in demand. Employers seek talent in industries like hospitality, retail, administration and logistics to address their fluctuating staffing needs. These roles offer an opportunity for US citizens to gain work experience in a country known for its rich cultural heritage and world-renowned cuisine.

The type of contract you are hired on will determine what your job responsibilities are, the length of the assignment and how much your salary is. A contrat de travail temporaire (sometimes called an interim contract) is a three-way agreement between the client, employee and agency that lasts only as long as the work being done requires, but can be renewed twice. The contrat de travail objet définitif, or CDD, is the most common form of permanent employment contract in France and is for employees employed by a public corporation. This contract is usually open-ended and only ends if the employee resigns, gives up the position, is dismissed by the company or if there is a change in management.

Temporary Work Abroad: Insights from Temporary Workers in France

For employees working on a CDD or a contrat de travail objet définitif, the maximum number of hours they can work is 964 per year (or around 60% of the average French work hour). This is different for students who are studying in France and have their permit tied to their visa and are allowed to work up to the amount stated on their permit.

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