Education – What Is It?

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Education is the institutionalized process of facilitating people’s learning, the acquiring of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, morals, attitudes, and behaviors. Educational systems may include formal classroom education, professional teacher-training programs, distance education, online learning courses and work-study programs. These systems may require intensive research, development, monitoring, evaluation and reformulation of curriculum and instruction. Professional educators, counselors, therapists, and administrators are all involved in education. Education also refers to learning itself, with learning being an individual’s experience of self-discovery. In other words, education refers to the whole person, for an education to be successful it must include all aspects of a person’s life experience, culture and society.

An organized, good education helps create a better society. Education helps us understand ourselves, our relationships to others, our place in the world, and how we can become better individuals and create a better society for ourselves and others. Education helps us learn what it means to be an individual, how we can relate to others and how we can contribute to a better society.

Education enables you to live a better life. Education helps us understand our own history, our family and other relations to our environment, helps us develop healthy relationships, develops our strengths and skills, gives us access to the best resources and empowers us to make the best use of these resources for our individual and collective growth and development. Education empowers students, teachers, staff and organizations. It results in social, economic and political development, improvement in quality of life, development of their aptitudes, learning and development of a sense of responsibility towards their community, nation and other nations.

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