Education – Its Importance and Benefits

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Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, abilities, social values, attitudes, and habits so as to facilitate the achievement of certain goals. The learning experience involves both the teacher and the learner. Educational systems include training, teaching, personal interaction, and guided research. In some systems like primary and secondary education, parent and teachers work together for developing knowledge and building skills; in other systems like elementary and high school education, students attain academic competence through a formal school system.

Education promotes social awareness, self-esteem, cooperation, and leadership in society. The education system helps in promoting awareness of human rights, culture, societal boundaries, and legal issues. Through education, people are able to know different aspects of life in an organized manner. The education curriculum consists of texts, documents, images, sounds, and literature and educates people from birth to age sixteen. Many organizations, like the government, NGOs, schools, colleges, and universities, provide formal education.

Education helps a person to understand various concepts and ideologies of life. Education ensures that people are rational, trustworthy, socially accountable, economically strong, socially integrated, and possess proper judgment and ideas. It is believed that education helps us become aware of our personal identity, develops our critical thinking, and helps us to solve problems that occur in our day-to-day life.

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