Automotive SEO for Car Dealers

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Car dealers have a lot to offer their customers, and smart SEO can help your dealership to get in front of the right people.

Why Automotive SEO for Dealers is Important

Seo for car dealers is a marketing strategy that improves your dealership’s ranking in search engines by generating more targeted website traffic through organic search results. The goal is to increase sales by improving the visibility of your business and delivering the most relevant content possible to consumers.

Keywords are a fundamental element of automotive SEO, and should be used in conjunction with other elements such as content, social media and reviews to improve your rankings. A comprehensive keyword research and analysis process can result in long-term organic growth that helps boost the visibility of your dealership’s business.

Local keywords are also key to a successful automotive SEO strategy, as local conditions affect what car buyers in your area search for. For example, consumers in South Florida may be searching for a new vehicle while those in Fairbanks, Alaska might be looking for an affordable car.

Schema & Rich Snippets

Adding structured data to your site can make it easier for Google to understand and display key information on your dealership’s pages in the search results. This can include your address, phone number, opening hours and even the details about the specific models you have available for sale.

Technical SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit can determine the quality and performance of your dealership’s website, which can have a significant impact on how well it ranks in search engine results. We’ll examine your web speed, site and page loading time and other key website elements to ensure that it performs as best as possible.

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